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1: Music Fundamentals

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  • Learning Objectives

    1. Recognize a wide variety of sounds, comparing and contrasting them using musical elements of pitch, volume, articulation, and timbre.
    2. Aurally identify important performing forces (use of the voice and instruments) of Western music.
    3. Define basic elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and texture, build a vocabulary for discussing them, and recognize them when examples are played.
    4. Identify basic principles of musical forms.
    5. Listen to music and describe its musical elements and forms.
    6. Compare and contrast categories of art music, folk music, and pop music.
    7. Identify ways in which humans have used music for social and expressive purposes

    Thumbnail: String quartet performing for the Mozart Year 2006 in Vienna. (CC BY 2.5; Gryffindor via Wikipedia)

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