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12.1: Grammar Introduction

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    Learning Objectives

    learning objectives

    • Understand basic sentence structure and how to arrange modifying phrases and clauses around a basic sentence structure.
    • Understand verb usage and subject-verb agreement.
    • Understand nouns and many grammar constructions related to nouns.
    • Understand the rules behind various types of punctuation, especially commas.

    This chapter explain and provides practice in the rules of English grammar, from a basic to an advanced level. Almost every student will need to practice some of the grammar in this chapter, but what needs practice will vary by person. Some people will need to practice more of the grammar skills. Consult with your instructor about which grammar skills they think will benefit you most. The skills are generally introduced in the order you would learn them in school. Don't be embarrassed if you feel you should already know some of these rules and skills. Some people miss some of them for a number of reasons in school, or it just didn't "click" the first time around. Other people were never taught them in the first place for a variety of reasons. In terms of grammar, learn what you need, and then apply it to your own writing. We have tried to keep the exercise examples at a level of what you are more likely to encounter in your college reading and writing. This prevents them from being overly simplistic and, thus, inapplicable to your own, more sophisticated writing.

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