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2.1: Social Justice Case Study Prewriting

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    • Christina Branson, Robert Ian Jones, Jon Parrish Peede, and Summer Boyd Vertrees

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    Social Justice Case Study Prewriting


    TTW = The Teacher Will

    TSW = The Student Will

    Course, Student, and Modality:

    ENGL 101: Writing Across Disciplines

    First-Year College Students

    Face-to-face class

    Time Frame: ·

    Time: 1.25 hours

    Project: Case Study


    TSW collaboratively build an outline for the case study project

    TSW use AI to generate selected ideas in an ethical manner

    TSW cite AI

    AI Tool and Other Materials/Supplies:

    Generative AI Tool (i.e. Chat GPT)

    How to Cite AI Handout

    Access to Canvas

    Access to Google Docs

    Rationale for Implementation of AI:

    Chat GPT is used for this lesson to demonstrate how generative AI can be used in an ethical manner to support collaborative prewriting work.

    Overview of Learning Activities and Tasks

    TTW introduce the learning activities for the day by reminding students of the characteristics of the case study as a genre

    TTW direct students to the Canvas page with information about the case study project and the two case study choices related to social justice issues

    TTW place students in groups of two or three

    TSW gather in their groups and decide which of the two case studies they want to pursue

    TSW carefully read their chosen case study

    TSW open the outline template for the case study project in Google Docs and make a copy for their group

    TSW brainstorm three possible actions for the issue in their case study and capture those solutions in the outline template

    TSW use Chat GPT to generate ideas for consequences for each of the three possible actions. If they are given positive consequences, they will add negative consequences. If they are given negative consequences, they will add positive consequences.

    TSW capture the best ideas from Chat GPT in their outlines in their own words

    TSW vote on the recommended plan of action for their case study based on the possible actions

    TSW record their choice on their outlines

    TSW make notes on the rationale for their choice of recommended plan of action on their outlines

    TSW cite Chat GPT as a source at the bottom of their outlines

    Criteria for Success

    Students can refer to this checklist for their work on this lesson:

    1. ___ We used the outline template from Google Docs to capture out group’s ideas
    2. ___ We have three possible actions on our outline
    3. ___ We have both positive and negative consequences for each possible action
    4. ___ We have a recommended course of action
    5. ___ We have notes for our rationale on this recommendation
    6. ___ We cited Chat GPT at the bottom of our outline

    This page titled 2.1: Social Justice Case Study Prewriting is shared under a CC BY 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Christina Branson, Robert Ian Jones, Jon Parrish Peede, and Summer Boyd Vertrees.