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8: Video Aesthetics

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    Learning Objectives
    • Explore shot sizes and camera positioning.
    • Identify camera and lens movements and how to execute them.
    • Illustrate principles of video composition, critical focus, and depth of field to create dynamic images.

    • 8.1: Basic Shot Sizes
      In this section, we will look at basic shot sizes from Extreme Long Shots to Extreme Close-Ups. These are the fundamental elements of shot composition.
    • 8.2: Camera Position
      Where you position your camera can evoke different feelings for the viewer. Here we'll explore different camera placements and their effects.
    • 8.3: Camera Movements
      When creating dynamic stories knowing when and how to do camera movements is very important. This section looks at some basic movements and goes into some detail about more advanced movements.
    • 8.4: Lens Movements
      Lens movements are when elements in a lens move to alter the appearance of the picture. Here we will take a look at those lens movements.
    • 8.5: Video Composition
      There are fundamental principles of visual composition that guide us to create compelling images. Here we will go over those principles with examples.
    • 8.6: Critical Focus
      Having focus where you want it is detrimental to your production. Here we will show you how to obtain focus on your subject no matter your focal length.

    Thumbnail: Unsplash License; Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash

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