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1.16: Writing Exercises

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    Kitchen Sink

    • Free write where 3 elements decided by the instructor are placed on the board every 5 min and students must incorporate these elements into the scene. Instructor comes up with original scenario and 2 additional items. (i.e. glass breaks/explosion/someone yells)
    • The idea is to begin by writing a dialogue between the two characters and to not stop writing for 15 minutes.
    • Possible Scenarios
      • Two people meet on a park bench.
      • Two people are stuck in a room and must get out.
      • Two people are on either side of a door.
      • Two people are meeting at a cafe
      • Two people are visiting and a mysterious package arrives.

    Group Exercise

    • Bring in an article on current event/picture/special object.
    • Choose volunteer and use what they brought in to develop Theme/Conflict.
    • Have each member of class write down a character who has a relationship to the conflict and theme. (ie. a plane crash: I am the pilot of the plane that crashed/ I am a single mother on the plane that crashed/ I am the wife of the pilot of the plane that crashed/ I am the owner of the airline that crashed/ etc.
    • Have students write their character on a piece of paper and place it somewhere in the room.
    • Allow 5 min for students to go around the room and look.
    • Have students choose a character that they did not create and improv their bio in front of class, while the rest of the class takes notes on the character. Have them blend elements of their own life into character. Have q and a with character.
    • Write a scene where: Conflict is furthered, a character reveals something about his/herself that strengthens/weakens a relationship, and builds to a climax


    • Bring in an article on current event/picture/special object.
    • Using objects brought in: Create theme/conflict/setting
    • Establish characters that are related to conflict
    • Write a dialogue where character reveals something about themselves through a monologue.

    Art Gallery

    • Go to Art gallery
    • Write a scene based on a piece of art


    • Choose a piece of music that evokes a strong emotion.
    • Write a scene where two characters are on either side of a door and need something from one another.
    • Write while listening to the music.

    Special Article/Object brought from home

    • Study the object closely.
    • Write scene inspired by object.

    Found Object

    • Go outside for 10 min and bring in object you found.
    • Write scene based on object.
    • Present and discus

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