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11.3: Links and Attributions

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    Related Sites:Internet Sites:

    History of the Sikhs
    “This site is roughly divided into Six Categories which are, Sikh Gurus, Sikh Martyrs, Sikh Warriors, Historical Events, Modern Sikh Personalities and Sikh institutes.”

    Proud to Be Sikh
    “We carry complete audio of Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji – Sikh holy bible And numerous sikh internet radios, sikh jukeboxes.”

    “True essence of Sikhism in rare flashes of Light, Divine Wisdom, Quotations, Saakhis, Video and Audio.”
    By Parminder Singh

    The Sikhism Home Page
    A beautiful and well put together page – the focus is mostly devotional but does include information on the Sikh alphabet Gurmukhi, essays, audio taped prayers to download, a bibliography as well as links to other online resources
    Maintained by Sandeep Singh Brar

    The Sikh Network
    A well designed portal for world wide Sikh community. Includes Live Chat ; Discussion ; Current News ; Radio ; Hukamnama ; Matrimonials ; Directories ; Calendar and more.

    The Sikh-Faith Question Answer and Philosophy
    Includes An Outline of Sikh Doctrines, Questions & Answers in Punjabi and in English, Links, more.
    By Makhan Singh Purewal

    Understanding Sikhism
    Sections include: The Research Journal ; Current News ; Other Articles ; Glossary.
    By Devinder Singh Chahal, Ph.D.

    Religion and Philosophy Research Guides – Boston University This page is part of a larger Web site, ‘Religion and Philosophy Resources on the Internet.’ It contains lists of reference books and bibliographies on Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Chinese and Japanese religions. Non-Christian Faith Groups – Find comparative descriptions of dozens of world religions, pagan faiths, cults and ethical groups, from Asatru to Zoroastrianism.

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