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9.7: Links and Attributions

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    Special thanks to the Microsoft Corporation for their contribution to our site. The information above came from Microsoft Encarta. Here is a hyperlink to the Microsoft Encarta home page.
    Related Sites:

    1. faith

    2. rituals

    3. the notion of a diety

    4. Divinity and providence

    5. Human suffering

    6. The problem of evil

    7.After life

    Other Sites:
    Indexes & Directories Gnostic Studies
    Reference Desk Orthodox Church
    Digital Library Luther & Lutheranism
    Biblical Studies Christianity in Canada
    Philosophers Christianity in the U.S.
    Popes & Sees

    Adventist Library Information Cooperative (ALICE)

    AlaPadre Catholic Corner
    “Christian Directory (over 6,000 links on 500+ topical and alphabetically arranged pages) from a right-of-center Roman Catholic perspective.”

    C.S. Lewis: 20th-Century Christian Apologist One of the best general collection of links on Lewis.
    Catholic Files
    Especially strong listing of Roman Catholic Orders.
    Maintained by Jim Mcintosh, American University

    Catholic Social Thought
    A wonderful collection of Catholic resources, including Online Catholic Periodicals, The Bible, Information on the Catholic Church and Specific Ethical Issues such Abortion, Women in the Church, Birth Control and others.
    Joseph M. Incandela, Dept. of Religion, Saint Mary’s College

    The Catholic – Labor Network
    “…hopes to be a place for those Catholics, lay, religious and clergy, who are active in their churches and in unions to learn about their Church’s teachings as regards to labor issues, pray for those who are working for economic justice and share information about events and struggles that may be taking place in their area.
    By Fr. Sinclair Oubre

    Catholic Resources on the Net
    Edited by John Mack Ockerbloom

    Catholic Online ‘On the Web’ Index
    “Seeks to provide Internet users with resources and connections to sites and information which are truly Catholic. In doing so, we are guided by the time honored principle that in all those things which must be embraced with Catholic faith we must have unity, in those things which are doubtful or open to discussion we must have liberty, while in all things we must foster and manifest true Christian charity. Thus, Catholic Online will endeavor to provide truly Catholic sites and information consistent with the aforementioned principles, always making choices of content under the guidance of the teaching of the Church’s duly appointed pastors and in harmony with the Magisterium, the Supreme Pontiff together with the bishops, the Church’s legislation and time-honored traditions, the dictates of common sense and intellectual honesty.” (English or Spanish)
    “is the new, successor site to the Catholic Information Center on the Internet (CICI), one of the pioneering Catholic web sites since its inception in 1995.”

    Church Documents

    Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
    A Calvinist site with a listing of discussion groups , the CRTA Newsletter and nice selection of historic Church documents including Creeds, confessions, catechisms and sermonsChristianity.Net
    Includes excellent search engines for locating Christian web sites and churches with links to over 8000 sites. Mostly popular and not academic sites but worth trying. Hosted by Christianity Today
    This general site includes Christian World News, Shopping, Resources, Poems, Commentary, and more.

    Computer Assisted Theology on the Internet
    Provides an annotated index of Internet resources relating to theological studies
    Maintained by Michael Fraser, Oxford University

    Another large popular Christian directory – with a pretty good history section OmniList
    Another large popular Christian directory with an excellent education section

    The Hall of Church History
    Not your normal history page. Sections on Church Fathers, Medieval Churchmen, Heretics, Eastern Orthodox, Catholics, Reformers, Puritans, Anabaptist, Armenians, Cultists, Unorthodox, Baptists, and recent Stalwarts
    Phil Johnson, Curator

    The Labyrinth Resources for Medieval Studies
    “The Labyrinth is a global information network providing free, organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies through a World Wide Web server at Georgetown University. The Labyrinth’s easy-to-use menus and hypertext links provide automatic connections to databases, services, and electronic texts on other servers around the world.In addition, the Labyrinth will include a full range of new resources: an electronic library, on-line forums, professional directories and news, on-line bibliographies, an on-line “university” of teachers and scholars available for electronic conferencing, and an archive of pedagogical tools.”
    Martin Irvine and Deborah Everhart, Co-Directors, Georgetown University

    Miami Christian University Virtual Library and Pastoral Resource Center
    A nice mix of devotional and academic links listed

    Not Just Bibles: A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
    “Part of a series of ICLnet Christian guides, provided for internet users interested in resources related to Classical Christianity”

    Pointing the Way: A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
    “This document contains pointers to internet accessible literature related to Classical Christianity”
    Includes Bibles, Bible study aids, books, and collections of books

    Seventh-day Adventist Church
    The SDAnet network center was established to support the SDAnet mailing list

    Virtual Christianity
    “An extensive catalogue of major christian resources with some commentary regarding content. Emphasis includes Bible resources, commentaries and devotionals, christian literature, and other major pages devoted to christianity.”
    Maintained by Steven Adkins

    Additional Sites of Interest

    African Initiated Churches (AIC)
    “These are Christian bodies in Africa that were established as a result of African initiative, rather than on the initiative of foreign missionary organisations. While most people agree on the initials, there is less agreement about what they stand for, and what the variations mean.”
    Southern African Missiological Society

    Atheists for Jesus
    “A Site designed to provide a method of communication between religious and non-religious people who believe in the message of love and kindness put forth by Jesus.”

    Ark of the Covenant
    “An illustration of the “Ark of the Covenant” using the iconography of Egyptian art from the historic time frome of the Exodus. A short thesis explains the interpretation and derivation of the imagery.”

    Celtic Christianity
    Stuart Joseph

    Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations
    Cambridge, England

    Christian Coalition Worldwide

    Christian Reconciliation Project
    “This site promotes reconciliation and unity in the Body of Christ by proposing for discussion a scriptural systematic theology which deliberately avoids the use of denominationally-defined theological terms”
    Ian Johnson

    Church of God Proclaimed
    “This internet ministry helps in providing materials for bible study and evangelism through free literature.”

    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [The Mormons]
    Official Home Page. Contains ‘basic media information,’ conference proceedings, Gospel Library and history.

    Scriptures – Internet Edition
    Includes: Old Testament ; New Testament ; Book of Mormon ; Doctrine and Covenants ; Pearl of Great Price ; Study Helps ; Additional Helps.

    Documentary of Hymns
    RealAudio excerpts of James Sundquist’s documentary on the history of hymns

    Documentation of Theological and Interdisciplinary Literature
    searchable databases on biblical literature, canon law, theology and Rene Girard
    University of Innsbruck

    Dorothy Day Library on the Web
    This site is devoted to the writings of Dorothy Day who co-founded the Catholic Worker Movement with Peter Maurin in 1933

    English Literature and Religion
    “The main feature of this Web site is a large bibliographical database about religious aspects and backgrounds of English literature, from the Middle Ages to the present century, with primary (though not exclusive) emphasis upon writers within the Anglican tradition.”
    By William S. Peterson, Professor of English, University of Maryland, College Park

    The Fatima Network
    Our Lady of Fatima Online

    Fides Quaerens Internetum – Christian Theology Page
    Bryan Stone

    From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
    A Frontline Special
    The excellent companion web page to the PBS special

    The Gospel of the East
    Being the Teaching of Jesus Set in Parallel with Eastern Scriptures
    “This work collects all the statements attributed to Jesus in the four conventional gospels and the Gospel of Thomas. As in a conventional “Harmony of the Gospels” presentation, parallel statements from each gospel are set side by side. ”
    Maintained by Joseph Morales

    Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church
    “The Greater World is an organisation which desires to spread the knowledge of survival of life after death, spirit-communication, and the necessity to work out ones own salvation by spiritual progression in alignment with universal principles.”
    By Tony Bisson

    The Gregorian Chant Home Page
    Peter Jeffery

    Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
    Saint John’s University

    Hourglass2 Outpost
    “International Bulletin Board Forums and World Chat Zones for Jehovah’s Witnesses and Others Interested In Positive Discussions”

    Links to Revelation, Apocalyptic and Millennial Websites and Materials
    Has a wonder collection of Art and Images related to the Book of Revelation.
    By Prof. Felix Just, S.J. – Loyola Marymount University

    Many Paths to One Goal?
    A Comparative Analysis of the Major World Religions from a Christian Perspective
    By Ernest Valea

    Margins of the Past
    Manuscripts as Historical Documents (Vatican Exhibit)

    Religion and Society
    “Entries for all the major churches and religious organisations in the 19th century. Sections on: Religious Leaders, Unitarians and Parliamentary Reform, the Evangelical Movement, Quakers and Social Reform, the Christian Socialists, Religion and Politics.”
    From The Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia, British History 1700-1920

    Radical Catholic Page
    Paul Halsall

    Renaissance Liturgical Imprints : A Census
    A database of information on nearly 9000 worship books printed before 1601
    University of Michigan

    Restoration Serials Index
    “A Christian College Librarians Publication. A computer-produced author/subject index to periodicals and lectureships by members of the church of Christ. Thirty-nine librarians from 17 institutions have contributed indexing.”
    Abilene Christian University

    The Role of Women in the Christian Churches of Paul’s Day
    Excerpts from Dr. Helmut Koester’s September 13, 1997 address entitled, “St. Paul: His Mission to the Greek Cities & His Competitors,” which he delivered at The Foundation for Biblical Research, Charlestown, NH.

    The Spirithome Web Site
    By Robert Longman Jr.

    The Text This Week
    Resources for Students, Teachers, and Preachers of the Revised Common Lectionary
    “…seeking to provide a comprehensive guide for scripture study and liturgy, indexed by the weeks of the Revised Common Lectionary. I am attempting to provide a wide range of theological positions and secular references for the weekly reading.”
    By Jenee Woodard

    Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

    “Links for students and scholars of Early Judaism and Christianity, offering a selective, annotated guide to various web sites.”
    Sections include: Early Judaism & Christianity ; General Christian Links ; General Jewish Links ; Religious Studies ; Classical Studies ; Library Resources ; Publishers & Booksellers ; Software for Theology ; Greek & Hebrew Fonts ; Desk References ; Search Engines ; Directories ; World News ; Web-Servant.
    By Loren T. Stuckenbruck and Jerry D. Truex


    Hypertext Bible:


    Other Texts:

    Christian Fathers;

    Other Material:

    CONTRIBUTOR : Michael Konje (2001)
    © Copyright Philip A. Pecorino 2001. All Rights reserved.

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