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6.1: Readings

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  • ANIMAL LIBERATION – 2. Tools for Research . . . your taxes at work

    EMPTY CAGES – 10. Turning Animals into Tools ANIMALS LIKE US – Ch. 6. Using Animals for Experiments Gruen: 4. Animal research (optional)

    “The Case for the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research,” New England Journal of Medicine,

    Adrian Morrison; “Personal Reflections on the “Animal- Rights” Phenomenon”:; “First, animals aren’t people”

    Bob Speth, “Muddlers Beware: The Case for Philosophical Extremism,” (a review of Regan’s Empty Cages) Newsletter of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics, Volume 10, Number 3 October 2004, pp. 9-13; Regan’s reply, pp. 14-18.

    Charles Nicoll & Sharon Russell: selections at

    Stuart Derbyshire, “The hard arguments about vivisection”:

    Jonathan Balcombe, “Dissection: The Scientific Case for Alternatives,” Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, (4), 2, 117-126, 2001. This article is a summary of Balcombe, J.P. (2000). The Use of Animals in Higher Education: Problems: Alternatives and Recommendations. Washington, DC: Humane Society Press. ms_alternatives_and_recommendations.html

    Recommended Reading & Viewing:
    Some advocates of animal experimentation:


    Some critics of animal experimentation: Scientific:


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