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4.12.6: Reading and Review Questions

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    1. How, and to what effect, does Hawthorne mix the real and the fantastic in “My Kinsman, Major Molineux?” How, if at all, does this mixture compare with those in “Young Goodman Brown?” Why is this mixture in “Major Molineux” related to the American Revolution?
    2. In “Young Goodman Brown,” why does Hawthorne place the story’s setting in the Puritan past? What is he suggesting about the effect of this past on the American consciousness or spirit?
    3. In “The Minister’s Black Veil,” is Hooper already estranged from his fellow humans when he dons the black veil, or does the veil cause this estrangement? Why? How do you know?
    4. How does the veil’s color connect Hooper’s experience with that of Young Goodman Brown? Why?
    5. What is the attitude towards the intellect in “The Birth-Mark” and “Rappaccini’s Daughter?” Why? How do you know?

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