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    lo que, lo cual, cuyo

    Práctica 30C (§30C)

    Traducción al inglés

    1. We are human beings. That's what most people think. 2. I'm interested in everything you feel, which should not surprise you. 3. They say life is eternal, with which I agree. 4. That is an artist whose work I know well. 5. What you think influences (on) what you experience. 6. We're going to visit a temple whose walls are covered in gold. 7. The air is something without which our bodies cannot survive. 8. They say the economy determines the quality of life, which is not necessarily true. 9. It is little what we know about Saturn, whose rings are just ice particles and dust.

    el/la/los/las/lo que

    Práctica 30D (§30)

    Traducción al inglés

    1. I always listen to the people I talk with. 2. I like teachers who are interested in their students. 3. They agree with that which (what) you're proposing. 4. You help the people who live in your neighborhood, which is admirable. 5. Look, this is the city I'm going to visit during my next vacation. 6. Tomorrow I'll pay you the money you lent me last week. 7. He's the friend I'm marrying and whose parents love me so much. 8. None of what you say makes any sense. I don't even understand the words you're using. 9. The company I work for is huge, which has advantages and disadvantages.

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