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Reported Speech

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    Reported Speech - Contar lo que alguien dijo

    Práctica 64 (§64)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) He said he worked for a company that had been created a year earlier. 2) She said she would keep working in that company until she found something better. 3) They said they were going to take the proposal into account, but that their government had implemented another plan. 4) He said it was cold and that he didn't dare getting in the pool, but the next day he would definitely swim. 5) He said dinosaurs had been extinguished many years before and that it was silly for me to think about them now. 6) She said they had been there for two weeks and that they had a lot of fun, but that they were happy to be back. 7) She said she used to live in La Paz (before), but that she had emigrated to find another job. She also said she didn't know if she'd succeed. 8) He said it was normal that I had gotten nervous about the exam because the topic was quite complex.

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