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Pronombres con preposición

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  • Completar con preposición y pronombre

    Práctica 44A (§44)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) I learn more from him than I ever learnt from you. You and I rarely talked. 2) He goes with me to more places than I went with you. You never wanted to go anywhere. 3) When I am with him I feel more at ease than when I was with you. You and I were always arguing. 4) I have towards him more admiration than towards you. I never got to see your talents. 5) You are independent and can live without me; I, in contrast, cannot live without him. 6) I love him more than I ever loved you. Neither you nor I had faith in us. 7) I believe in him and he believes in me. You never did. 8) In short, I never felt for you as much love as feel for him. Forget about me.
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