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    El imperfecto: paralelo al presente

    Práctica 39A (§39)

    Traducción al inglés
    It was three in the afternoon and I and Tarzan were taking a walk. Every ten steps I had to stop, because Tarzan wanted to smell all the trees. He liked to explore and mark his territory. While I was walking, I was thinking of the peace that lived in the silence. The sky was gray and it was certainly going to rain later. Since it was Sunday, there were not many people in the streets. The city was quiet. I only saw a car passing by from time to time. I felt the breeze on my skin and listened to the music coming from a nearby restaurant. All seemed perfect. We were content, Tarzán and I. That was a good moment.

    El imperfecto: usos

    Práctica 39B (§39)

    Traducción al inglés
    1. I was twenty when I emigrated. 2. It was one in the morning when we left the concert. 3. We would (used to) go to a different place every Sunday. 4. We didn't use to be such good friends before. 5. California was a Mexican territory in those days. 6. In my youth I would never watch TV, I preferred action. 7. My grandmother was a determined woman and had a strong personality. 8. Where were you when I called you? 9. Vikings traveled (used to travel) a lot.

    Cómo eran las cosas

    Práctica 39C (§39)

    Traducción al inglés
    1. The house where my family lived was big and there was a park nearby. 2. My best friend's name was Manuel. He and I would go to the part and play the whole day. 3. We had a teacher who told fascinating stories and knew many things. 4. I used to love water and my mom took me to a lake. There I could spend hours swimming. 5. As a child, I wanted to be a biologist. I would always observe living beings and dreamed of exploring their world.

    Qué estaba pasando

    Práctica 39D (§39)

    Traducción al inglés
    1. I was training with my voleyball team because on Tuesday we had an important match. 2. I was at the drugstore because I needed some cough medicine. 3. I was with these teachers who wanted my professional advice. 4. I was at home because it was my mother's birthday. 5. I wasn't at work because I didn't feel well.

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