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1.8: Language Building lesson 8- Authentic listening

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    До урока:

    Complete this activity before class. Take a screenshot of your summary page and upload it to the D2L dropbox.

    Query \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    Домашнее задание:

    Watch/listen to the video or podcast that we agreed upon for your topic. I recommend making an account with Readlang, which can help you understand listening texts while you listen.

    Upload a document to D2L that answers the following questions in English:

    1. Paste in the link of the video or podcast that you listened to (and which minutes you listened to, if you listened to an excerpt).
    2. Summarize the video/podcast as well as you can (don’t worry if you don’t understand everything!).
    3. Why did you choose this video/podcast? What is interesting about it? How does it fit into your topic?
    4. What strategies did you use to understand it? What did you figure out that you weren’t sure of, and how did you do that?
    5. What things did you still have trouble understanding?
    6. What did this video/podcast contribute to your understanding of your topic in the Russian context?
    7. List 5 words from the video/podcast that are new to you that you think would be useful to remember.
    8. As you listen to the video/podcast, see if you notice any of the features of spoken speech discussed in the lesson above. Note them.

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