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2.3.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: Furansugo, wakarimasu ka. Do you understand French?

    Response: Furansugo desu ka. Ie, wakarimasen. French? No, I don’t.

    Cue: Chuugokugo, wakarimasu ka. Do you understand Chinese?

    Response: Chuugokugo desu ka. Ie, wakarimasen. Chinese? No I don’t.

    B. Cue: Kore, dare no keitai desuka? Whose cellphone is this?

    Response: Kono keitai desu ka. Wakarimasen nee. This cellphone? I don’t know

    Cue: Are, doko no kaisha desu ka. Where is that company from?

    Response: Ano kaisya desu ka. Wakarimasen nee. That company? I don’t know.

    C. Say it in Japanese.

    Ms. Honda has asked you what is in the bag.

    1. Which bag is it?

    2. Do you mean this bag? It’s my smartphone.

    3. Do you mean that bag over there? Isn’t it Mr. Oda’s laptop?

    4. This is my friend’s umbrella.

    5. I don’t know. It’s not my bag.

    D. Act in Japanese.

    1. You are at a reception. Approach another guest and ask his name.

    2. You caught a sight of Prof. Sato at the reception. Ask a staff member if that woman is in fact Prof. Sato.

    3. Ms. Honda is carrying a big bag. Ask what’s in it.

    4. You’ve just heard a name of someone. Check if that is a name for a man?

    5. Someone has mistaken your bag for hers. Point out her mistake and get your bag back.

    6. At the party you’ve been complimented on your Japanese skills. Be humble and respond.

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