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0.09: I. Meeting People for the First Time

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  • A:Hajimemashite. はじめまして。 How do you do.

    Honda desu. 本田 ほんだ です。 I’m Honda.

    B:Honda-san desu ka. 本田 ほんだ さんですか。 You’re Mr. Honda?

    Sumisu desu. スミスです。 I’m Smith.

    Douzo yoroshiku. どうぞよろしく。 Nice to meet you.


    31. Hajimemashite はじめまして How do you do?

    32. ~desu X です it is/I’m/you’re/they are X, etc.

    33. ~desu ka X ですか is it/am I/are you/are they X? etc.

    34. yoroshiku よろしく ritual expression when meeting someone, when needing a favor

    35. yoroshiku onegai-shimasu よろしくお願 ねが いします please treat me favorably, Thank you in advance


    Hajimemashite literally means ‘for the first time.’ It is a ritual expression used in first meeting people. You can respond with your own hajimemashite or douzo yoroshiku onegai-shimasu. Make sure you bow.

    After a person tells you his/her name, confirm it by asking X-san desu ka. Repetition may seem unnecessary, but it’s customary to do so during introductions.

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