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0.10: J. Taking Leave

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  • A:Ja, shitsurei-shimasu. じゃ、失礼 しつれい します。 Well then, I’ll go (excuse me).

    B:Aa, otsukare-sama deshita.ああ、お疲 つか れさまでした.Ah, thanks for the good work.


    36. otuskare(-sama) おつかれ(さま) thanks for your work, you must be tired

    37. otsukare-sama desu おつかれさまです (formal) (on going)

    38. otuskare-sama deshita おつかれさまでした (the work is over)


    The above are common greetings between co-workers. They are also used to thank service personnel or acknowledge anyone’s hard work.

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