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0.05: E. Starting and Ending Eating/Drinking

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  • A:Douzo. どうぞ。 Please (have some.)

    B:Jaa, itadakimasu. じゃあ、いただきます。Well, then I’ll have some.


    Gochisou sama deshita.ごちそうさまでした。Thank you (That was delicious).


    20. jaa, ja じゃあ/じゃ well then, if so

    21. itadakimasu いただきます ritual expression before eating

    22. gochisou-sama ごちそうさま ritual expression after eating

    23. gochisou-sama deshita ごちそうさまでした formal version of gochisou-sama


    Ja is used to follow up on what has been said, to switch topic, etc.

    Itadakimasu literally means ‘I’ll humbly accept it’ and is used before eating or receiving a gift. Gochisousama (deshita) shows gratitude for the food or drink one has been offered. Even when alone Japanese people tend to whisper itadakimasu and gochisousama to start and end eating.

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