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0.04: D. Apologizing

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  • A:A, sumimasen. あ、すみません! Oh, sorry!

    B:Ie, ie. いえ、いえ。 No, no.


    14. sumimasen すみません thank you, I’m sorry

    15. ie, iie (formal), iya (casual) いいえ/いえ/いや no, that’s wrong

    16. +sumimasen deshita すみませんでした thank you, I’m sorry for what’s done

    17. +gomen ごめん sorry, excuse me (casual)

    18. +gomen nasai ごめんなさい sorry, excuse me (casual, gentle)

    19. +dou itashimashite どういたしまして you’re welcome, not at all


    Sumimasen expresses apology or gratitude when you are about to trouble or have troubled someone. Sumimasen deshita expresses apology or gratitude when you have troubled someone.

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