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3.3.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Listen to the audio. Following the first two model exchanges, respond to each cue.
    Cue: 見ましょうか。 Shall I look at it?
    Response: はい、見てください。 Yes, please look at it.
    Cue: 手伝いましょうか。 Shall I help?
    Response: はい、手伝ってください。 Yes, please help.

    B.Cue: 買いますか. Will you buy it?
    Response: はい、ちょっと買ってきます。 Yes, I’ll just go and buy it.
    Cue: 聞きますか。 Will you ask?
    Response: はい、ちょっと聞いてきます。 Yes, I’ll just go and ask.

    C. Say it in Japanese.
    You’ve been asked where you are going.
    1. I’m going to a hot spring with friends.
    2. I’m going to Hokkaido and ski.
    3. I’m going to Osaka and see the castle, temples, etc.
    4. I’m going back home and see my old friends.
    5. I’m going to Tokyo University and study history.

    Make the following requests to a) a colleague b) a friend:
    6. Please email me.
    7. Please come 15 minutes early tomorrow.
    8. Please write this in Japanese.
    9. Please speak slowly.
    10. Please go and buy some coffee for me.

    D. Act in Japanese.
    1. You see a neighbor dressed up to go out. Ask where she is going?
    2. Let Ms. Honda know that you are taking a trip to Okinawa with friends in May and
    invite her to come as well.
    3. Comment that there are temples and shrines everywhere in Japan. Ask which one is
    the oldest.
    4. You and a co-worker are visiting a customer’s office in Kyoto. Suggest that a) you
    call them first and then go, b) go and buy famous gifts from Kyoto for your staff.
    5. Describe what you did over the weekend. Sequence activities. Describe how they

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