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1.3.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: あの人 ひと 、日本人 にほんじん ですか。 Is he a Japanese?

    Response: よくわかりませんけど、日本人 にほんじん でしょう。 I’m not sure, but he is probably a Japanese.

    Cue: あのアパート、高 たか くないですか。Isn’t that apartment expensive?

    Response: よくわかりませんけど、高 たか くないでしょう。 I’m not sure, but it is probably not expensive.

    B. Cue: 一 ひと つですか。 One?

    Response: はい、もう一 ひと つです。 Yes, one more.

    Cue: 食 た べますか。 Will you have some?

    Response: はい、もっと食 た べます。 Yes, I’ll have some more.

    C. Say it in Japanese. You’ve been asked where your apartment is.

    1. It’s near the park.

    2. It’s a little further ahead. There is a bank over there, right? It’s beyond that bank.

    3. It’s two more floors up. It’s tiring because there is no elevator.

    4. It’s on the third floor of the new condo near the university entrance.

    5. It’s next to my company, so it’s really convenient.

    D. Act these roles in Japanese with a partner.

    1. Ask at the information desk where you can find a) the ladies’ room, b) the elevator floors times/occasions

    2. You’ve been given directions, but didn’t quite get them. Ask the other person to repeat it slowly.

    3. Urge your guest to eat more. As a guest, accept one more.

    4. You’re talking about a) tomorrow’s weather, b) your final grade in the class, c) what you will get for Christmas. What is your guess?

    This page titled 1.3.1: Drills and Exercises is shared under a CC BY-NC license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Emiko Konomi (Portland State University Library) .

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