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2.5: Review

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    Grammar Review

    1. Explain how to make potential forms for each of the four verb groups.
    2. Is a potential verb form a U-verb or RU-verb?
    3. Explain how to make a negative request.
    4. Explain how to express the following:
    • Permission ‘it’s okay to do X.’ or ‘you can do X.’
    • Prohibition ‘it’s no good if you do X.’ or ‘you must not do X.’
    • Negative permission ‘it’s okay not to do X.’ or ‘you do not have to do X.’
    • Necessity ‘it’s no good if you do not do X.’ or ‘ you must do X.’
    5. What does enryo mean? How is it used?
    6. What is the difference in meaning between:
    Nani ka arimasu.
    Nan de mo arimasu.
    7. What are the Japanese equivalents of the English word ‘wear’? How are they used?
    8. What is –sugiru attached to in order to make a compound word? What does it mean?
    9. The noun onaji is unique. In what way?


    Lesson 10 Homework

    Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 3.24.45 PM.png

    D. Review each context and circle the item that best fits the blank in the given context (20)
    1. You’d like to rephrase what you have just said to be more precise. Mou yo-ji…_____mada yo-ji desu.
    a. To iu koto wa b. Toriaezu c. To iu ka d. Tashika
    2. You’ve been asked which you like better, dogs or cats. _______suki desu.
    a. Neko no hou ga b. Neko yori c. Neko ga ichiban d. Neko wa motto
    3. You’ve been asked what worries you. Shiken ga_________ shi…
     a. shinpai b shinpai na c. shinpai de d. shinpai da
    4. You want to know what kind of job a friend wants to get _______shigoto ga suki?
     a. Dare b. Dono c. Donna d. Dore
    5. For the meeting time, nine o’clock has been suggested. You are fine with thatt. Ku-ji _______ii desu yo.
     a. wa b. ni c. de
    6. Ask a visitor to write down her name. Sumimasen. Onamae o _________kudasai.
     a. kaite b. katte c. kakatte d. kaette

    7. You’ve been asked why you are not going to the meeting. Jikan ga nai ________.
    a shi b. na n desu c. da kara d. da shi
    8. You’ve been asked when the package will arrive there. Assate _______darou nee.
    a. tsuki b. tsuku c. tsuite d. tsukimasu
    9. You just met a person. Ask the name of her company. __________kaisha desu ka?
    a. Dono b. Nan no c. Nan to iu d. Donna
    10. You’ve been asked where you are going. You are going to help a Senpai. Senpai o _____ni itte kimaus.
    a. tetsudai b. tetsudau c. tetsudatte d. tetsudaimasu
    12. You’d like to offer sweets to a friend. Okashi ______?
    a. tabenai b. tabetai c. tabete d. tabeta
    14. A co-worker has just introduced her big sister to you. What would you say? ________desu ka?
    a. Ane b. Ani c. Oneesan d. Ojousan
    15. You’d like to know how many people are in your co-worker’s family. Gokazoku wa ______desu ka?
    a. nan-nin b. nani-jin c. ikutsu d. nan-sai
    14. You ran into an old friend at a party. Ask if everyone in her family is well. Minasan ________?
    a. ii b. ogenki c. pinpin d. daijoubu
    15. You’ve been asked if you are still single. You got married last year. Kyonen kekkon_______.
    a. shite imasu b. shimsu c. shite imashita d. shimashita
    16. Over the phone ask a friend what he is doing right now. Ima nani _________no?
    a. shita b. shitte iru c. shite iru d. suru
    17. You’ve been asked what you think of Mr. Oda. _________ to omou kedo.
    a. Majime da b. Yasashikute c. Akarui desu d. Ii hito 
    18. A friend just broke some news that you were not aware of. Hee, __________!
    a. Shirimasen. b. Shitte imasen. c. Shirimasen deshita. d. Shiranakatta
    19. Ask a co-worker if the division chief gave him the OK. Buchou wa OK to__________no?
    a. osshatta b. irasshatta c. nasatta d. moushita.
    20. You forgot what time tomorrow’s presentation is. Check with a friend. Purezen wa, nan-ji ______kke.
    a. desu b. de c. deshita d. datta

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