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2.4.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: スーツ、着ましょうか。 Shall I wear a suit?
     Response: いえ、着なくてもいいですよ。 No, you don’t have to.
     Cue: 帽子、かぶりましょうか。 Shall I wear a hat?
     Response: いえ、かぶらなくてもいいですよ No, you don’t have to.

    B. Cue: 宿題しない? Why don’t we do the homework?
     Response: しなくちゃいけないの? Do we have to?
     Cue: 古い写真、捨てない? Why don’t we throw away the old pictures?
     Response: 捨てなくちゃ行けないの? Do we have to?

    C. Cue: ちょっと派手ですね。 It’s a little loud, isn’t it?
     Response: ええ、派手すぎますね。 Right. It’s too loud.
     Cue: よく飲みましたね. We drank a lot, didn’t we?
     Response: ええ、飲み過ぎましたね. Right. We drank too much.

    D. Say it in Japanese
    Ask the section chief about the project.
    1. Do we have to translate the document?
    2. Do we have to use these pictures?
    3. Do we have to meet the president of that (notorious) company?
    4. Do we have to get an Ok from the division chief? (Does the division chief must say ‘ok’?)
    5. Do we have to pay in dollars?Ask a co-worker about the dress code for an event.
    6. Do we have to wear a suit?
    7. Men don’t have to wear a tie, do they?
    8. We must not wear jeans, right?
    9. Is any color okay?
    10. Do women have to wear a dress? Can we wear pants?

    E. Act in Japanese
    1. Describe a) how your classmates are dressed today; b) how to dress for different
    occasions in your country.
    2. Discuss the dos and don’ts at work in your country.
    3. See your colleagues off to a party. Warn them not to drink too much.
    4. With freedom, comes responsibility. Explain what they are for a) driving; b) being a
    college students; c) working from home
    5. Exclaim that you don’t have to memorize dialogues any more! Congratulations!

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