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7.11: 7.9-

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    Einheit 7.9

    group-1824145_1280.png Was wissen Sie über die Brüder Grimm?



    book-1157658_1280.pngDie Brüder Grimm. Lesen und besprechen Sie den Text über die Brüder Grimm. Beantworten Sie dann die Fragen.
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    Die Wohlfahrtsmarke (charity stamp)

    Wohlfahrtsmarken are a special type of commemorative or special issue stamp used to raise money for charitable organizations by adding a surtax to the regular postage. They have been published biannually in Germany since 1949. In the 1960s, several series featured fairy tale motifs from the Brothers Grimm.



    group-1824145_1280.pngWelche Märchen kennen Sie? Was passt zusammen?

    The Frog King / The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids / Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella / Hansel and Gretel / Mother Holle / Little Red Riding Hood / Snow White / The Star Money

    DBP_1960_340_Wohlfahrt_Rotkappchen.jpg DBP_1961_369_Wohlfahrt_Hansel_und_Gretel.jpg DBP_1962_387_Wohlfahrt_Schneewittchen.jpg
    DBP_1963_409_Wohlfahrt_Wolf_und_Geisslein.jpg DBP_1965_487_Wohlfahrt_Aschenputtel.jpg DBP_1966_524_Froschkonig.jpg
    Stamps_of_Germany_BRD_Wohlfahrtsmarke_Dornroschen_1964_15_Pf.jpg DBP_1967_539_Frau_Holle.jpg DBP_1959_324_Wohlfahrt_Sterntaler.jpg


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