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7.12: 7.10-

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    Einheit 7.10 (online)

    link-4088190_1280-e1595714950247.png Wortschatz in Quizlet:

    Brüder Grimm

    Sonstige Wörter und Ausdrücke


    check-mark-corrected.pngWas wissen Sie jetzt? Klicken Sie hier für Quiz 7.10.

    keyboard-2104009_1280-150x150-1.png Task 7: Planen Sie eine Reise!

    Choose a city in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria that you would like to visit. Plan a 3-day trip, include information about transportation, lodging, and prices, as well as details about the activities you plan to do/sights you plan to see (minimum 5 activities/sights).

    You can use Google Slides or PowerPoint to make a visually appealing presentation. Make sure you cite your sources (for images) and write your own texts (at least 150 words). Submit your task on eClass.

    This task will be assessed according to the following Rubric for Task 7.


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