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6.11: Lesson 5 Speaking Practice

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    This week, I'd like you to use the Flipgrid topic "Lesson 5 Speaking Practice: 吃饭".  Login to Flipgrid using the instructions provided in the syllabus and shared via class announcements.

    Each of my questions in this Flipgrid topic relates to content from lesson 5.  

    These speaking practice questions use the following supplemental vocabulary:

    • 今天
      jin1 tian1
    • 晚饭
      wan3 fan4
    • 时候
      shi2 hou4
      point in time (when something happens)
    • 饭馆
      fan4 guan3

    Questions on the oral final exam are likely to resemble the practice questions in this Flipgrid topic.  Answer any or all of these questions with a response of your own!

    Tip: Prepare and memorize a response, don't read from notes!

    Completion of responses on this Flipgrid speaking practice section is optional.  After you have completed as many of the responses as you like, complete the short survey on the Homework & Tests tool.

    This page titled 6.11: Lesson 5 Speaking Practice is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Carl Polley (裴凯).

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