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5.15: Oral Midterm Exam

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    For the oral midterm exam, use the Oral Midterm Exam topic on Flipgrid.  Login to Flipgrid using the instructions provided in the syllabus and sent via class announcements.  This grid has several individual videos, and each one is a question for the Oral Midterm Exam.  For each one, you should reply to my question with a video response of your own.  Flipgrid will allow you to re-record your response as many times as you like before you post it.  Please be sure to post only one response per question. 

    The oral midterm exam is not timed.  Complete the spoken exam responses by the deadline listed at the top of this weekly guide.  You will be graded on pronunciation, tones, fluency, and poise.

    You will find that the Oral Midterm Exam is in an "open classroom" format.  This means that students can see each other's responses.  This is done by design, so that you can also learn from other student's responses, just like if you were being assessed in a classroom.  For the Final Exam, you will use an individualized Flipgrid such that only you and your instructor will be able to see your responses.

    After you have completed the oral midterm on Flipgrid, then complete the corresponding short survey in the Homework & Tests section of our course site.

    This page titled 5.15: Oral Midterm Exam is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Carl Polley (裴凯).

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