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10.2: Mindfulness Practice

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    First Skill to Learn, Last Skill to Perfect

    Let’s do our last timed recording to compare our awesome improvement! We’ll use the same familiar phrase below since it incorporates all letters of the alphabet:

    The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog.

    Set a timer for one minute and sign the above sentence as clearly and concisely as possible during that one-minute window. Remember our rules, however.

    1) If you make an error, go back to the word (not the whole sentence) and fingerspell that word again and keep going.

    2) Assign each word in the sentence a number so you can be exact in your end calculation. For example:

    The = 1

    Quick = 2

    Brown = 3

    Fox = 4

    Jumps = 5

    Over = 6

    The = 7

    Lazy = 8

    Dog = 9

    If my timer goes off, and I completed one full sentence and was on “fox”, I give myself a score of 1.4. If I’m faster than that, and I get three full sentences fingerspelled, but when the timer went off, I was signing “over”, I get a 3.6. Does this make sense?

    3) Whatever word you’re on when the timer goes off, give yourself the full word.

    4) Fingerspell the 1-minute recordings two times and record highest score below.

    Ready, set, begin! Date____________________ High Score___________________________

    Page 21 Date____________________ High Score___________________________

    Page 5 Date____________________ High Score___________________________

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