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6.2: Mindfulness Practice

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    Breathe and Smile Receptive – put away all distractions, focusing on the context of RS 3 and RS 4. Construct 10 ASL sentences, 5 with RS Things Around the House as the topic of conversation and 5 with RS 4 Foods and Preparation as the topic of conversation. Include a related Fingerspelled loan sign in each appropriate sentence. Practice your sentences throughout the week until they are fluid and smooth without any hitches, embodying all fingerspelling habits learned in Lessons 1-5, then proceed to the following:

    1. Find a partner who has done the same Lesson 6 Mindfulness Practice 1
    2. Put aside all distractions and focus on maintaining good fingerspelling habits learned in Lessons 1-5
    3. Remember your context of conversation – Things Around the House and Foods and

      Preparation. Take turns signing one ASL sentence at a time, incorporating the appropriate loan sign with clarity or speed and concentrating on fluidity and ease. Your partner fingerspells only the loan sign back to you as confirmation that they understood your fingerspelling.

    4. When your mind wonders, because it will, bring it back to the topic of conversation, eye contact, breathing and smiling.

    When you complete the above practice, answer the following questions:

    1. What distractions did you notice?
    2. How present were you on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being not very present, 10 being fully present)
    3. Did you maintain eye contact or fall back on the habit of looking at the hand?
    4. What prevented you from being present?
    5. How many of the 10 loan signs were you able to catch?

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