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10.5: Further Reading

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    Bradley, Stefan M. Harlem vs. Columbia University: Black Student Power in the Late 1960s (2009).

    Carson, Clayborne. In Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening of the 1960s (1981).

    Collier-Thomas, Bettye and V. P. Franklin. Sisters in Struggle: African American Women in the Civil Rights-Black Power Movement (2001).

    Dallek, Robert. Flawed Giant: Lyndon Johnson and his Times, 1961–1973 (1998).

    Farber, David R. The Age of Great Dreams: America in the 1960s (1994).

    Gaddis, John Lewis. We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History (1998).

    McGerr, Lisa. Suburban Warriors: The Origins of the New American Right. New Jersey (2003).

    Mezey, Susan Gluck. In Pursuit of Equality: Women, Public Policy, and the Federal Courts (1991).

    Payne, Charles M. I’ve got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom Struggle (1995).

    Rosen, Ruth. The World Split Open: How the Modern Women’s Movement Changed America (2000).

    Schulzinger, Robert. A Time for War: The United States and Vietnam, 1941–1975 (1997).

    Tyson, Timothy. Radio Free Dixie: Robert F. Williams and the Roots of Black Power (2001).

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