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9.6: Organizing Your Web Page

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    Web pages are a series of pages connected by hyperlinks, and they have unique needs. Let's think about it this way: you have a small child whom you keep in a playpen. In the playpen is a tiny toy box with a ball, a block, and a fire truck. You play a game where you tell her to show you the ball, and she points to the ball. You tell her to show you the block, and she points to the block. You tell her to point to the fire truck, and she points to the fire truck. This game works very well.

    But then you take her into another room and put her in another playpen, and there's a pillow, a rattle, and a dolly. You tell her to point to the fire truck, and she looks around and shrugs her shoulders. Her mind is not advanced enough to understand that you wish her to point through the wall into the other playpen. And she does not have the physical ability to get out of the playpen, walk to the other room, and retrieve your fire truck for you. This game will not work.

    You then try again. You put her back in the original playpen, but you take the small box of toys and scatter them around the house. You put the ball under the couch. You put the block in the bathtub. And you put the fire truck in the trunk of your car. You return to the playpen and ask the child to show you the fire truck. Again, she shrugs her shoulders. This game will not work.

    Why does the first game work, but the other two do not?

    What if you change the game by taking the child, playpen, toy box, and all into the next room and again ask the child for the block? Unless something distracts the child, the game will work! The child knows the block is in the box, and all functions as normal.

    Your web page is the child, and its name is index. Your main folder is the playpen, and your subfolders are the toy boxes.

    To be more clear, when you make the homepage of a website, you'll want to name it "index.html" and put it in a folder. In that folder, you can then put any pictures, documents, videos, or other HTML files that you might link to. You can also organize further by putting those things into subfolders. But no matter what, everything that is not already online must be put inside that main folder to be then posted online.

    This page titled 9.6: Organizing Your Web Page is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Tiffani Reardon, Tammy Powell, Jonathan Arnett, Monique Logan, & Cassie Race.

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