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10.1: Capitals

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    Rules for Capitalization

    Always capitalize:

    • the first word of a sentence;
    • nationalities, races, languages, and religions (for example: American, African American, Hispanic, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist);
    • days of the week, months of the year, and holidays;
    • titles of positions when they are accompanied by proper names (for examples: President Obama, Governor Scott Brown, Judge Wheeler);
    • the names of specific movements or events (for example: the Civil Rights Movement, World War II, D-Day);
    • the letters that make up abbreviations for organizations or agencies (for example: FEMA, EPA, NFL. CNN);
    • proper nouns (for example: the names of specific people, places, objects, streets, buildings, events, or titles of individuals). Do not capitalize nouns for people, places, things, streets, buildings, events, and titles when the noun is used in general or common way.

    Table of Common vs. Proper Nouns

    Common Noun Proper Noun


    The Art Institute of Chicago


    Apollo Theater




    Uncle Javier


    Dr. Weaver


    Pride and Prejudice


    Georgia State University

    war The Spanish American War
    region West

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