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7.3: Students Responding to Instructor Feedback

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    Responding to instructor feedback helps to…

    • better understand the advice you were given on your writing.
    • identify areas of strength and also areas that need improvement.
    • form writing plans and strategies, so you can apply the advice to future assignments.
    • give the instructor an idea if his/her approaches were effective in conveying revision advice.
    • let the instructor know what writing elements need to be covered more thoroughly or be revisited.

    Using the advice you received from your instructor, answer the following questions:

    (1) What were some of your writing strengths that were identified?

    (2) What main areas of improvement were identified?

    (3) How do you plan to apply the advice you were given in your next writing
    assignment? What do you plan to prioritize?

    (4) Were there any parts of the advice that were unclear?

    (5) Are there writing elements you would like to see focused on more or
    revisited in the class?

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