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2.2: Writing a Thesis Statement

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    Whether you’re writing a report, essay, or research paper, most works of academic writing benefit from a controlling idea that’s stated early in the body of the text. This thesis statement should concisely express the whole point or claim of your paper.

    A thesis is a statement rather than a question. It should actually appear in the body of your paper (usually, but not always, at the end of the introduction).

    What I was about to learn that afternoon on the soccer field about teamwork has stayed with me throughout my life. [ descriptive narrative ]

    Although they both sought social change in the 1950s and 1960s, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X used different ideologies and strategies as leaders to achieve that change. [ comparison/contrast ]

    My experience job shadowing Ms. Tompkins in her first-grade classroom has reinforced my desire to become an educator. [ reflective journal ]

    Many sources confirm that the abuse of study stimulants like Adderal has increased among college students. [ informative research paper ]

    Research shows that the fluoridation of water supplies can reduce dental decay in children. [ argumentative research paper ]

    The recent phenomenon known as “helicopter parenting” has created a whole generation of young adults who view their parents as best friends, delay major milestones such as marriage and careers, and struggle with achieving independence. [ argumentative research paper with three supporting points ]

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