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1.2: Emailing Your Professor - Ten Tips

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    1. Put your class/section in the subject line, followed by the nature of the communication. (ENGL 151:04 Illness)
    2. Use an appropriate standard greeting, such as “Dear Professor Shaw” or “Good Morning.” Never “Hey.”
    3. Keep the message on point. “My question about today’s assignment is this:”
    4. Write in standard English—no “textspeak” or slang.
    5. Always sign your name at the end (full name if you are unknown to the recipient or first name if you are known).
    6. Never ask your professor if you missed anything important; of course you have.
    7. Don’t share too much personal detail if you miss class. An absence is an absence.
    8. If you will be missing class, always ask what you need to do to keep current.
    9. Never forward jokes, memes, or chain letters to your professor.
    10. Make readers want to respond. Your email is a reflection of you, your work habits, and your professionalism.

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