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4.6: Advice for finding a topic

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    • Alexandra Glynn, Kelli Hallsten-Erickson & Amy Jo Swing
    • North Hennepin Community College & Lake Superior College

    The best advice for exploring: If you’re not sure what to write about, and the writing assignment is open-ended, consider two things: your passion and your personal experience.

    Ask yourself:

    • What makes me angry/frustrated/irritated?
    • What makes me happy/satisfied/excited?
    • What am I really good at?
    • How do I spend my days?
    • What are interesting things that have happened in my life?

    Brainstorm as many answers as possible for these questions and you'll have many possible topic choices, or freewrite on them, each for a short time, and compare what you come up with—find the best. In the end, however, you will decide where to go based on your audience and purpose.

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