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8.2: Checklist: Revision

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    • The draft addresses a question or issue that readers will care about.
    • The draft is written at the audience’s level, accounting for their level of knowledge and attitudes.
    • The thesis is clear and placed at or near the beginning of the paper.
    • All ideas within the draft relate to the main thesis.
    • There are plenty of organizational cues (topic sentences, headings, etc.) to help guide the readers through the paper.
    • Ideas are presented in an order that makes sense.
    • Paragraphs are long enough to cover the topic, but short enough to keep it interesting.
    • The evidence used is relevant and persuasive.
    • All ideas are fully developed.
    • Any unnecessary material has been deleted.
    • The point of view is appropriate both for the draft’s purpose and the intended audience.
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