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3.4: Proper Word Usage (Type 3 Errors)

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  • Type 3 Errors

    The Type 3 grammatical errors are less serious than the Type 1 and Type 2 errors, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. Using your words and punctuation correctly means that your reader can focus on what you're trying to say instead of how you say it. This makes a good impression of you, and it presents your ideas in the best possible light.

    Type III

    Errors in mechanics

    Errors in spelling and hyphenation

    Errors in usage


    Working With Sentences


    1. What Is Punctuation For?
    2. Is It Worth the Work?
    3. What's With All the Jargon?
      1. OK, which terms do I need to know?
        1. Independent clause
        2. Dependent clause
        3. Coordinating conjunctions
        4. Conjunctive adverbs
      2. Uses of "That"


    Punctuation Practice and Review


    Split Infinitives

    First Person


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