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7: Idiom Journal

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    Purpose/Goal: to keep active, individualized lists

    Number of Participants: any number

    Materials: journal paper or writing books


    Have each student keep an idiom journal. This is a list of idioms they have used, either in speech or writing. (If students are already keeping a vocabulary journal, have them designate a separate section just for idioms.) 

    Variation 1

    Students can write down the idioms that they plan to use in the next week. They then can check them off once they have used them.

    Variation 2

    Students can keep track of how many times they have used a new idiom, either spoken or written.

    Variation 3

    Students can use their journal to write down new idioms they discover. These new vocabulary items may come from movies, books, magazines, or television. They can share and compare these with their classmates and then find their meanings in their resource books or on the internet.

    Note to Teacher

    An idiom journal is not just a list of phrases; it should be an interactive tool for learning. If students are actively engaged in their learning, they have a better chance of retaining learned material. By writing their own journals, students strengthen their own learning strategies and improve their opportunities for acquisition.

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