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2.3.5: Unit Review (单元复习)

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    Unit Review


    Can-do Checklist:

    After studying this unit, I can:

    • recognize and read aloud these words:

    手机 号码 多少 呢 没有 可是 姐姐 中文 课 学生 男生 女生

    今天 号 生日 月 哪 年 出生 星期 点 半 去 学校 想 走 好吧 我们 一起 人民币 元 美元 合 角 分

    • write these characters from memory:

    手 日 月 走 角 中 生 男 没 今

    点 们 机 校 星 是 去 走 分

    • exchange a cell phone number.

    • recognize dates in an email message.

    • fill out a simple form with my name, phone number, and birth date.

    • understand a Time-When phrase.

    • respond to a basic math question using numbers.

    • say numbers from 0-100.

    • say the date and the day of the week.

    • express time clock.

    • ask and respond to the question about “how many,” ”when,” and “what time”.

    • copy a simple phrase like “Happy Birthday, ”Happy Holidays,” etc.

    • write my phone number, home address, and email address on a simple form.

    • share the time and date of an upcoming community event.

    • recognize a time or date when plans for an event are discussed.

    • write an email requesting more information about something I found online, such as a local event or student organization.

    • talk about Chinese currency.

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