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2.2.5: Unit Review (单元复习)

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    Unit Review


    Can-do Checklist:

    After studying this unit, I can:

    • recognize and read aloud these words:

    什么 名字 安 大为 问 请问 贵 杰森 多 大 岁 几 八 属 龙 家 有 口 人 爸爸 妈妈 哥哥 和 只 狗 兄弟姐妹 个 妹妹 宠物 谁 喜欢 猫 不

    • write these characters from memory:

    大 几 八 口 人 龙 名 多 和

    岁 问 安 家 爸 弟 字 什 狗

    • understand when someone asks what a person’s name is.

    • understand simple questions about family in correspondence among e-pals.

    • understand simple questions that a guest asks about family.

    • recognize question words in a text message.

    • answer questions about who is in my family.

    • name my family members, their ages, and their relationships to me with a photo.

    • say the names of my favorite animals based on pictures I see.

    • join in a conversation about what pets I like and dislike.

    • identify whom I and people in other cultures consider to be part of the family, using a few simple details.

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