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3.2.2: Expressing existence with "you"

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    The verb 有 (yǒu), which means "to have," can also be used to express existence. This is similar to saying "there is" or "there are" in English.


    Literally, this structure expresses that a place "has" a thing, which is to say, that thing is in the place.

    Place + 有 + Obj.


    • 我 家 很 多 小 狗。Wǒ jiā yǒu hěn duō xiǎo gǒu.There are a lot of puppies in my home.
    • 我们 学校 很 多 帅哥 。Wǒmen xuéxiào yǒu hěn duō shuàigē.There are a lot of cute guys in our school.
    • 日本 很 多 中国人。Rìběn yǒu hěn duō Zhōngguó rén.There are many Chinese people in Japan.
    • 这 个 酒吧 很 多 美女。Zhège jiǔbā yǒu hěn duō měinǚ.There are a lot of pretty girls in this bar.
    • 你 家 牛奶 吗?Nǐ jiā yǒu niúnǎi ma?Is there milk in your house?
    • 这里 一 个 问题。Zhèlǐ yǒu yī gè wèntí.There is a problem here.
    • 房间 里 人 吗?Fángjiān lǐ yǒu rén ma?Is there anyone in the room?
    • 杯子 里 水 吗?Bēizi lǐ yǒu shuǐ ma?Is there any water in the cup?
    • 我 的 手机 里 你 的 号码。Wǒ de shǒujī lǐ yǒu nǐ de hàomǎ.Your number is in my cell phone.
    • 现在 办公室 里 人 吗?Xiànzài bàngōngshì lǐ yǒu rén ma?Is there anyone in the office now?

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