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    Michele Brewster

    Michele is wearing a gray blazer and sitting in front of a pool

    Michele Brewster received a Masters Degree in Comparative Theology from Harvard Divinity School at Harvard University and a PhD in History at University of California, Irvine. Her dissertation is entitled, Mexican Province to 31st State: Alfred Robinson and Life in California. She teaches World History, parts I and II; U.S. History, parts I and II, and California History at Miracosta College. She teaches Introduction to the Humanities, parts I and II at the San Diego Community College District. One chapter of her dissertation appears in the 2020 Southern California Quarterly and she is currently revising her dissertation for publication. 

    Joshua Weiner 

    Josh in Costa Rica with a very friendly spider monkey 

    Joshua Weiner received his doctorate in World History From Northeastern University upon completion of his dissertation entitled “DISCOVERIES ARE NOT TO BE CALLED CONQUESTS”: NARRATIVE, EMPIRE, AND THE AMBIGUITY OF CONQUEST IN SPAIN’S AMERICAN EMPIRE. Since 2005 he has been a professor of history at American River College in Sacramento, CA where he teaches surveys in World History and Asian History. His writing currently appears in the World History libraries of the Globalyceum Online Textbook and he is the co-host of the History Against the Grain podcast.

    Matthew Hacholski 


    Matthew Hacholski earned a Masters in World History from Columbia University and a Masters in International History from the London School of Economics. The difference between World and International History is still hotly debated at academic conferences, drinking establishments, and on online chat rooms. Matthew has taught for numerous universities and colleges across the United States and his writings are notably cited in such sources as Wikipedia.

    Jordan Stanton 

    Jordan Stanton at Normandy Beach

    Jordan Stanton received his doctorate at the University of California-Irvine where he focused on Latin American and World History. His research analyzed Cold War conflicts in South America. Dr. Stanton has taught extensively at UC-Irvine and at community colleges across Southern California. Currently, he is a professor of World History, Latin American History, and Humanities at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.

    Anupama Mande 

    Indian origin professor Anu Mande headshot

    Anupama Mande received her Ph.D. in Latin American history from The Ohio State University. Currently, she is a professor of World History and Latin American history at Fullerton College. Prior to joining Fullerton College in 2005, she served as the managing editor of the Hispanic American Historical Review at Yale University, and editor of the Middle East and South Asia Folklore Bulletin at The Ohio State University.

    Lindsay Weiler-Leon 

    Author Lindsay Weiler-Leon standing in front of a water wall

    Lindsay Weiler-Leon received a Masters in World History from California State University, Fullerton, in 2016, with a minor emphasis in Persian Studies and Women and Gender Roles in the Middle East. She currently teaches American and World History courses at a number of colleges in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. You can find one of her publications, "Veiled Truths," about women's roles in the Ottoman and Safavid Empires versus European male impressions, in an August 2021 volume of a Brepols journal for the Arizona Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Lindsay is also continuing her studies in effective Just, Equitable, and Inclusive Education (JEIE) as a candidate in a Doctorate of Education program at her alma mater, CSU Fullerton. In her copious amounts of spare time, she also participates in sixteenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth century living history events as an interpreter. 




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