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    This textbook and course includes interactive activities made possible through H5P (HTML 5 Package), which is a learning system created with the HTTP5 language. You will be able to interact with the knowledge you have gained in a variety of ways, including drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and other varieties. The goal of these activities is to help you internalize your knowledge. Depending on the results of your trials, you will receive certain feedback. You will only be graded upon your final score and you will always be allowed to retry these activities unless your instructor decides to disable that option. There are a few guidelines you should know about typing and interacting with these activities:

    1. Spelling is important. This is good training for cataloging in general. There are options to allow for imperfect spelling. I have disabled these options. As a cataloger, you will be expected to be precise when entering information in a catalog record and searching for information and data. Spell things accurately
    2. When you come across an entry that has a long dash, put it in a blank as two short dashes.
    3. When you see an ampersand, write it out as “and.”
    4. Don’t give up! Use the feedback that comes with your answers to improve your score.
    5. If you are confused about an assignment or believe that you got a wrong answer in error, click the “Confused” button on the bottom right corner of the H5P window.
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