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    Improvisations - 2 is the second French textbook in the Improvisations series. The series cover four semesters of French at the University of Houston. This book corresponds to the second semester of college French. The textbook aims to develop the skills of effective and culturally sensitive communication in French, and to prepare the students for advanced coursework. Each unit introduces the students to thematic vocabulary, grammar points and cultural facts and products. The students will have ample opportunity to practice active vocabulary, grammar and culture in interactive activities which emulate real-life situations.

    Improvisations, the title for the series, originated in our vision to encourage the students to “improvise”, which in our context means to dare speaking in French spontaneously as much as possible. Students are encouraged to use their competencies, resources, their classmates' help in order to solve a problem or to complete a task. Many activities in this textbook are structured in such a way that students have to "think on their feet", be resourceful and react to unexpected changes in a situation they are dealing with.

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