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How to Make and Fix your Diet - by Robert Reyes

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    • Robert Reyes at Pima Community College

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    The first step in fixing your diet is to start from scratch. There are many ways to do this but the best way and easiest is to start from zero and work your way up until it fits you. As everyone is genetically different, some subtle diet changes may make a big difference.  To do this, you must first do an elimination diet and remove most of your diet.

    For the first step protein and fat will be your main source of food and carbs will be your least amount of food. There are many sources of the optimal amount of food should be you should consume in this first step diet, however, Carnivoremd is a credible doctor who has steps on what you should do in detail, and I would personally recommend at least checking his website for the first steps in what would technically be a temporary or non-temporary carnivore/keto diet.  

    Once you have done that, all there is to do is to wait and see how you feel. Everyone is different and everyone also individually has different goals. Some might be doing this for weight, or autoimmune and a general increase in mood and life. So, it is important to see and analyze how you feel and what is working for you. For example, you can add or remove depending on your activity status or if you are in some sort of sport or activity that requires energy. YOU will have to see what works best for you!

    For carbs, make sure you eat non-refined carbs, or you can eat regular carbs if you want. The most important part is to see what works for you! Carbs and sugar can be tricky; however, I would personally recommend not eating added sugar or trans-fat. Anything that is artificially created should not be consumed in my opinion. Sugar from fruits I believe is fine and studies have shown that if you are metabolically healthy it should not be a problem. Metabolically healthy people and unhealthy people are vastly different in data and if you are healthy, you should not extrapolate metabolically unhealthy people to yourself.

    Lastly, make sure to add not only nutrients but micronutrients. They are extremely important like most things; however, these always get missed. I would go and get blood work or download an app like chronometer and see if you are getting all your micronutrients. This can make a big impact on mood and energy levels so this would be a vital step to do.  Lastly, enjoy your journey, and good luck!


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    This page titled How to Make and Fix your Diet - by Robert Reyes is shared under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Robert Reyes at Pima Community College.