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Jeffrey Michael German: Hero of Journalism - by Marlene Perez

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    • Marlene Perez at Pima Community College

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    Jeffrey Michael German was born on August 23, 1953, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from Marquette University and started as an intern for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Mamnani 2022). Shortly after, German began building himself a very successful career with a podcast named "Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas," and an author known for his publications "Murder in Sin City: The Death of a Las Vegas Casino Boss" (Levenson 2022). Most of German's career included making impactful reports through headline-catching stories exposing mobsters and murderers, as well as corrupt officials and government agencies, for 20 years (Levenson 2022).

    Jeff German reported on the death of 31-year-old Roberto Arce after North Las Vegas police officers restrained him. Joana, Arce's wife, was the one who called the police to the couple's home to seek medical attention for Arce due to strange behavior while under the influence of cocaine; she was also concerned for her three children, who were also present at the time. Arce was restrained due to his hostile behavior. It was stated that the officers shoved a dirty rag into his mouth, used excessive force to stop his breathing while he was on his stomach, placed a"bee mask" over his head, and ignored his complaints of difficulty breathing. Acre's death resulted from the officers' lack of training, and due to their wrongdoing, Arce's family filed a civil lawsuit against the North Las Vegas police department, which they fought for seven years (German 2009).

    He was a passionate journalist who used his work to take down many powerful and dangerous people—ultimately making him a public target. Unfortunately, doing this type of work ended up costing him his life. On Saturday morning, September 3, Jeff German was found dead outside his home with multiple stab wounds. German published an article prior to his death regarding Robert Telles, a Clark County Public Administrator, and his mistreatment and inappropriate behavior toward his employees. This piece deteriorated Telles' re-election chances as Clarke County Public Administrator, leaving him enraged with German. As a result, Teller was looked at as a prime suspect in his murder, and later DNA found under Mr. German's fingernails confirmed this to be true (Las Vegas Review-Journal 2022).

    Jeff German was not only a fearless reporter who always strived for justice and the truth, but he was also a man full of laughter and a loving and caring person to his family and friends. They say not all heroes wear capes, and Jeffery Micheal German was a hero, taking on many powerful villains in an unjust world through his writing. Journalism is about seeking truth and voicing the injustice in society, but often at the expense of your own life. Jeff German will forever be honored for the courage and time he contributed to the community as a voice of truth and justice and an example to future journalists.

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    This page titled Jeffrey Michael German: Hero of Journalism - by Marlene Perez is shared under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Marlene Perez at Pima Community College.