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David Beriain: A Biography - by Tiana Rodriguez

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    • Tiana Rodriguez at Pima Community College

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    David Beriain was a Spanish journalist who specialized in armed conflicts, violence, and immersion journalism. He was also a well known producer and documentary anchor. Beriain became known for presenting and directing the television show Clandestino, which primarily aired on Discovery Max (Wikipedia). To start off his career, David graduated from the University of Navarro with a degree in information sciences (Wikipedia). The University is located in Spain where he was also born and raised.

    Beriain also worked for La Voz de Galicia in the international section from March 2001 to July 2007. He played an important part for this newspaper “during the second war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, where he covered the Spanish contingent in the city of Herat and the town of Qala e Naw” (Wikipedia). Later in 2012, he founded 93 Metros which is an audiovisual production company. This company specializes in “data journalism,  audiovisual formats, and design of advertising content”  (Wikipedia). David was able to create documentary films and a TV series that were successful and had to do with combat poaching.

    His career ended up being the main reason behind his death unfortunately. As a journalist, he was aware that he was a large target, and that many people wanted to silence him. Approaching his death, he was working on a documentary about efforts to combat wildlife poaching near the Arli National Park in southeastern Burkina Faso (Committee to Protect Journalists). David was working on this project with his camera operator, Roberto Fraile, when they were kidnapped and attacked. Later the next day it was reported that these attackers had taken the lives of Fraile and Beriain.

    There is not much information on the actual work that Robert and David were able to accomplish during their last excursion, but it’s clear that the message must’ve been important enough for others to try and silence them. Beriain was a role model to many others in his company 93 Metros, and they all had good things to say about him. Adriano Moran, the cofounder of 93 Metros, was quoted in those reports describing Beriain as "one of Spain’s and the world’s great journalists”(Committee to Protect Journalists).

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    This page titled David Beriain: A Biography - by Tiana Rodriguez is shared under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Tiana Rodriguez at Pima Community College.