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1.3: Practice and Review Sounds of Mandarin

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  • The best way to learn pinyin is by reading, carefully listening, and repeating the sounds you hear while reading along. 

    Be sure to use headphones while reading and listening to the following "Pitch Perfect Pinyin" exercises. 

    Plan to spend at least 15 minutes for each of these 12 units sometime this week and next:

    If you do not have any prior experience with Mandarin, then plan to spend at least 15 minutes on each of the above exercise units, listening with headphones and repeating what you hear.  The more time you can listen and repeat, the better!  You can also revisit these exercises later in the semester.

    Pinyin Tone Chart

    Now that you've learned the pinyin sound system, you can refer to this full Mandarin Chinese pinyin chart with audio, available on a separate site called Yabla.  This tool is so utterly amazing and useful that you might even want to bookmark this link, so you can refer back to it this semester.  Again, you'll have the best results if you can use headphones to listen to the audio from this table while speaking along.

    You might even find it helpful to open this Mandarin Chinese pinyin chart with audio on a separate device or in a separate window so you can use it side-by-side as a reference guide when reading other lesson pages.