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1.1: Assignment - Exploring Google Drive

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    In this assignment, you will explore and familiarize yourself with the robust suite of software called Google Drive.

    Over the last few years, Google has developed some handy products students may find quite useful in college. In this course, you will use Google Drive to develop your assignments as well as collaborate with your peers. The best thing about Google Drive is it’s free, easy to use, and compatible with other desktop applications.

    Most students are familiar with Microsoft Office, but in order to utilize Office, you have to pay for the software (about $100) or have access to it (via a campus computer). Another issue is accessing, saving, and backing up files. Many students find Google Drive a simple, efficient, and effective alternative to Microsoft Office because anything you create in your Google Drive is accessible on any device with an Internet connection. Also convenient is Google Drive autosaves every few seconds, so you never have to worry about losing content in your file.


    1. Create a Google Gmail account (if you don’t have one already).
    2. Visit the Google Drive About page for an overview.
    3. Review this screencast about the assignment.
    4. Access your Google email account.
    5. Click Google Drive
    6. Click Create
    7. Choose Drawing
    8. Create a drawing
    9. Click Untitled Drawing and name the drawing
    10. Set the Share settings of your Google Drawing to “Anyone with the link”
    11. Copy your Google Drawing’s URL
    12. Log in to the online course and access the course message tool
    13. Paste the URL of your Google Drawing in a message to the class and click send
    14. Then paste the URL in the assignment submission on this page
    15. Open at least two classmates’ messages, click on their drawing links, and write a short message back to the person about what you thought about their drawing.
    16. The credit for this assignment will not be in Grades until it is added by the instructor.


    Points: 20

    Submitting: a website URL

    Exploring Google Tools KEEP
    Criteria Ratings Points
    Google drawing Student completed Google Drawing
    15 pts
    Student did not complete Google Drawing
    0 pts
    15 pts
    Messaged Google Drawing to Class Student messaged Google Drawing
    5 pts
    Student did not message Google Drawing
    0 pts
    5 pts
    Operate Google Drive applications for self and group activities Exceeds expectations
    0 pts
    Meets expectations
    0 pts
    Does not meet expectations
    0 pts
    0 pts
    TOTAL POINTS 20 pts

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